Showbox apk 4.6 Download for android

Showbox apk 4.6


Showbox apk 4.6 is a great app for downloading and installing free films and videos.

You can easily download your favorite videos of all the movies you want for free.

It’s easy to install and use.

But, the app is only available on android and not on ios. But still, there are some alternatives from which you can use the app on android and ios for free.

The biggest problem with all these apps is that they are not available on play store and you download it from the any outside source

Showbox apk download v4.6

  1. To download the apk file first go to the browser app.
  2. Then open the website
  3. Now hover to the navigation panel and find downloads
  4. Go to the page.
  5. Find the Showbox apk download button
  6. Click on the download button
  7. Download the apk file
  8. Find the apk file in your browser.
  9. Install the apk file by clicking on the file.
  10. If you have never installed any app from the browser, please go to the setting and turn on unknown sources.
  11. To turn on the unknown source. Find your settings on your android phone.
  • What’s new

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Battery life enhancement
  • User interface changed
  • More links added
  • Low buffering

Auto download features

You put your favorite tv shows on download automatically.

Once the show or movie is aired internationally you will get an update for it and the show will be downloaded automatically.

To turn it on the first go to the app the settings and the find auto-download select. And you are good to go.


This was our take on the Showbox app.

So far it is the best free alternative to Netflix.

You can find more the app on the official website.

This version is the best version of the app available.

You must try it once on your android device.

Thank you for reading!

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