Showbox apk 3.0 Download for Android and ios

Showbox apk 3.0  now available on our site.
watch All your favourite show and movies.

showbox for Android

What is Showbox apk 3.0

showbox apk v3.0 is an update of showbox app for Android and Ios which is a free app on which you can download free movies and tv shows with great features like download features and other features.
The Showbox is a great app for streaming tv shows and movies on your android device.


Features of Showbox 3.0 apk

Dell servers.

Dell  is a very Trusted Brand specially for making high Quality servers.

We have installed them and that had significantly improved the speed of the app.

Contrast color error.

Many Users in Northwestern region were having a problem that they were experiencing contrast screen Blinking error.
This was due coding error and is now fixed for all reason.

Download Showbox 3.0 apk.

Showbox apk v3.0 is easy to download.
Follow the Following steps to easily download ad install the app

  • Firstly Open Your Preferred browser like Google Chrome or opera browser.
    (Chrome preferred.)
  • The Find the Showbox Apk button on the Download Page.
  • Download Showbox apk file.
  • Go to Settings of your phone
    find Security and Location.
  • Click on Unknown Resources.
    The Go to File Manager of your Phone
  • find Showbox Apk, if your   are using Chrome Browser it is in the Downloads Folder in the root of the app.
  • Click to install. Give permission which are are asked.
  • The App will Start Automatically once installed.

Why Showbox is not Available on Play Store

This is because Showbox for android Scrapes other websites and is not legal in some countries thus it us thus google play had removed the app from the store and the official apk is only available here.

This Was our take on Showbox apk 3.0 you can find more on our site thanks for Download Happy Steaming!

Showbox apk 5.40 Download | Offical App 10M+Downloads

Showbox apk 5.40 is now released with exciting updates.
it is the 70 th version of the Showbox and there are a lot of amazing features in this version.
The Major Update is of Live Music Streaming.

Showbox Apk 5.40 Download

Now You Can Stream Music just like Spotify for Free.

Download Showbox apk 5.40
Showbox apk v5.40 is available on our site.

The Version is exclusively available on our site.

Download Showbox apk v5.40 for Android


To Showbox apk v5.40 for Android you need to open Your Browser Eg. Chrome
The Go to Our site.

Showbox Apk 5.40

Go to Download Apk File Page.
Click on Download Button.
Here You will Get The Apk File Directly in your phone.
Now Go to setting of your phone.
Find location and security.
Check the box Given in Front of Unknown Recourses.
Now find the file in the File manger.
Then Click on the File to install the file.
Now you are good to go the file is insalled and you can enjoy your favourite movies and tv shows for free.
The Reason you need to download showbox apk in this way is because Showbox for android for Android is not available on google Play store because it voilates Plsy console Policy as it Scrapes Data and which is actually not legal.

Showbox for Android

New Features of Showbox apk Must Read.

Music Streaming.

Showbox comes with a new feature called Music Steaming.
After This you can directly stream Free Music of your choice Directly From your Phone Without Any Subscription.
This Update Was much Awaited because after this showbox app is the Only Free App in the industry which provides all features of movirs tv and songs all at one place for free.
In short, Showbox for Android is now an app mixture of Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime HBO Disney Spotify Savann ganna and all other services.

International language movies support

Now you can stream any movie of any language you want.
firstly Users were only able to download movies of English Language because English is thr most widely spoken language in the world.
but after a great demand of other language movies and tv shows we have now added movies and tv shows of all languages.

Voice recognition

Tired of typing?
well now you can directly stream your favourite sports and tv shows with voice commands just like Firestick
To use the Feature Go to Showbox app
Go to setting
find Showbox apk Voice Commands sapi
Now you can use voice commands just by clicking on the search button.

Ending Words

Showbox apk v5.40 is the final Version of the app and have improved on every possible aspect.
If still you find a room of improvement you can comment down below you will find it in the next Version soon.

Showbox APK 5.36 Download updated August 2019

Showbox APK 5.36 download link is now available on our site for free.

Showbox APK 5.36

Showbox APK 5.36 Latest version.

The Showbox is a free software which is used for watching TV shows and movies for free without any subscription fees.

What is Showbox apk 5.36

Showbox apk 5.36 is the best version of the app.
Showbox is an app to watch your favourite tv shows and movies for free on Android and iOS.

Showbox for Android

Update log and features.

Bugs fixed

Language update

Showbox APK had a minor issue in many countries like Spain and other countries which is the users were not able to understand English.
Thus in this update we have added 11 new languages support to the app.
Now you can change the language to any desired language. From the home screen. Go the the settings and click on languages.
From here you can change the language to any desired language.

Size of app

In many developing countries internet is not available this easily as they are in developing countries.
Thus we have made an extra 25 mb compression in the app after which the app is only 39mb in size. Which is 4 times less then size of other apps in the market.

Download speed.

We have added faster Downloading option which speed ups your Downloads by adding extra connection from your network.
In testing condition showbox app can download a movie of 2gb in 9 mins on stable mobile network.
On wifi network the movie can be downloaded in 6 mins of time.

Reduced ads


The showbox for Android had reduced the ad serving in the app as some of the users had reported that they were experiencing a hard time using the app. Especially in the region of South America.

How to download Showbox apk 5.36

Downoad Showbox for Android.

Download Showbox apk

  • Install the file.
  • Open showbox app

Showbox app For pc

Download BlueStalks playerfor your pc.

And install the app from the file manager.

Showbox apk for iOS and iPhone.

The Showbox for iPhone is available on the above link without jail break go to the Download page from the above link and choose for iphones.


Showbox APK 5.36 is the latest update and one must try it.
The app has fixed all the problems in the last version.
And now the app is working without any bugs.
If you have any problems do comment us we will surely help.

Showbox 2.0 Working Apk With Update Log

Showbox 2.0 Update

Showbox 2.0 Apk is now out.
The Show is the best app out there providing free tv shows and movies.
Since we have created the app your response overwhelming.
And we are pleases to announce the latest Version of the app.

showbox apk

Update log and bug fixes

Black circle error fixed From some time users were experiencing a Black screen error now the error is fixed.

  • no connection error fixed

In some regions due to heavy traffic the servers were crashed and it was showing.
No Connection in showbox.

  • Indonesian server updated.

The Indonesian serves of the showbox were down since last bug but now the app is fixed and all our Indonesian users can browse it for free.

  • Added Smart Screen

Showbox apk v2.0 have a smart screen which is a great feature.
for users who dont know what is Smart screen in showbox?
well showbox have launched a now feature in which the app will itself manage all sounds and screen issues like brightness, contrast saturations and clarity.
this feature was made after understanding all user engagement from thousands of users of different locations in the world

  • New UI

New Ui of Showbox is really awesome.
more Features are available.
on the home screen of the app.
now you can browse all your shows and movies from the same place.

  • Minor Bugs Fixed


How to install Showbox 2.0 apk

Go to Showbox website
Find the Download Page
Click on Showbox apk Download
Go to settings of your phone and tick on Unknown Sources
Now you can insall apps from other than Google Play Store like from chrome or your preferred Browser.
Go to files of your phone go to download folder of your browser.
click on the Apk
Wait while the apk is being installed.
Open app and enjoy all your movies.

ShowBox 1.0 apk Download

ShowBox 1.0 APK

ShowBox 1.0 APK update is now available on ShowBox site.
On ShowBox you can download and steam your favourite TV shows and movies for free.

showbox apk
What is ShowBox

ShowBox is free android software used to watch free movies and TV shows without any subscription fee.
It may be considered as a free alternative to paid services like hulu Netflix.

Update log


It is now free of cost available for all users.
No fees no monthly subscription it will no even ask for registration.
It will only ask for age and gender.
Why ShowBox ask for age and gender this is because ShowBoxShowBox takes the data and makes more content for the age group and gender.
In easy words it’s just to make more content for you.

Search feature.

The lastest version of showbox have added the feature of search by which you can search your favourite TV shows and movies.
This features scrapes the internet for the desired movie or TV show and gives you the free streaming links of your favourite TV shows for free.

Subtitles available

Subtitles are now available for various languages
English Hindi Spanish Punjabi French and many more

Spainsh support

Now ShowBox works in Spanish.
A lot of isers are asking for spainsh version of ShowBox
Spanish is one of the most widely spoken language in the world.
Spainsh is spoken is most og European countries also in other parts of world.
You can find the APK of ShowBox from the link given below.

How to download showbox 1.0 APK for Android

Open your browser and go to ShowBox website

Go to download button click on download showbox apk button

Download the app

Go to settings of your phone.

Go to security and location.

Tick on Unknown Resources

Locate the file in file manager.

Install the app and open


Showbox Apk v5.40 for Android Download 2019 (100% Working)

Showbox apk, Watch all your TV shows and movies for free.


Yes, I am not kidding about this with showbox you can watch all your TV shows and movies for free without any subscriptions.
It is one of the most famous app which provides free streaming services and is growing rapidly.
You can now also watch movies trailers with other features like watching live sports, etc.
Showbox have content related to all genres from horror to comedy to thriller to action you name it?
Now after the latest update of v5.40 all the search feature is more improved and it shows more search results and faster streaming and less buffering. Now you can also stream your favourite shows on cellular data without any buffering issues in the videos.

Showbox Download link


Update history

The app started with version 1.03 and here is the update history of the app

V1.0, v1.03, v2.0, v3.0, v3.30, v3.35, v3,5 , v4.6, v4.7, v4.72, v4.73, v4.8, v4.81, v4.82, v4.83, v5.0, v5.06, v5.11, v5.23, v5.24, v5.28, v5.35. v5.36 and 5.40 you can find all versions link in above button on later in the post.

What is showbox apk?

Showbox apk is a meta search engine scraper which scrapes data from the world wide web and provides you with the best for your movies and TV shows.
It works directly as well as p2p i.e peer to peer.

Actually it is a trending hash tag on RealShowBox

Showbox apk requirements

The basic requirements to install the app and use it without errors is Android 4.2 along with 200mb of storage and 1gb of ram.
And a network connection. It works on both wifi and mobile connection without any issues.

Showbox apk features

Our comes with a variety of features which will further enhance experience of watching on it.
The list of features is never ending and we have picked a few best features for you.

showbox 5.35 apk download


1. Well designed

Since the app is launched it is improving on all aspects, but the best is seen in the design. The design of showbox is light and have zero frame drops. It works smooth without any issues. The design of the app is well mannered and user friendly.

2. Battery optimization

We have have made all possible battery optimization to make your streaming experience more longer and reliable.
On an average phone it works for 16 hours of streaming without disturbing you. Isn’t that great?

3. Hardware acceleration

It is another aspect of the app by which it provides the best. It helps you to watch your favourite shows and movies without any problem in all resolutions and decreases the lag and the buffer time.

showbox apk


4. Supports all video player support.

It supports all third-party video players like mx player or vlc video player without any issues.

This feature is not even available on the best streaming apps.


5. Content updated 24*7

Showbox updates all your movies and tv shows everyday of the week without any delay. Which means you will get your favourite shows as soon as they are aired.

6. Add shows to your favourites.

You can add your favourite shows in a separate list. So that whenever the show is aired the app will automatically notify you for it without any delay.

7. Trailers and promo

You can watch trailers of all movies and TV shows on the showbox directly from YouTube.

8. The list will be incomplete without adding this feature of download, this is one of my favourite feature.

This will help you to download your favourite app without any hassle.
Now you can store all your favourite shows and movies and binge watch them even if you don’t have internet access. Isnt that amazing.

How to download ShowBox apk ?

Now this is really a good question because there are many sources to download showbox app but most of them are not trusted and may give you virus and malware thus now people are loosing trust on the app. But it is totally wrong and you can get SHOWBOX APK without thinking any virus from here.

You can also bookmark our site for getting all updates of the app.

Is showbox legal? Is showbox safe?

As mentioned above it is a meta scraper just like Google which scrap videos of your favourite TV shows and movies and provides them to you this means there is nothing illegal in scraping, thus there is nothing illegal in using showbox it is totally safe.
Recently many movies company created law suits on the app due to which showbox app was closed for several days and then company took their case back after signing an unknown agreement with show box but many people say that app  keeps track of your IP and will give it to the company owners.
But there is no proof of any such agreement found till now.

How to Download showbox apk for  android

Showbox app is available right now for all leading operating systems including android.

Download showbox apk

Now since the app is not available on Google play store it becomes a bit difficult for people to understand how to install the app.
But don’t worry this guide got your back for it.
Now first download the app of showbox from the above mentioned link and follow along the guide.
When you the downloaded it. You can locate the apk file in the file manager of your android phone.
Now first of all go to settings of your phone.
Then go to security and then click on unknown sources
Now again locate the file in the file manager of your android phone
Then just click on the apk file and download it.
And you are done now you just need to give the necessary permission to the app which are necessary for use.


Showbox app for pc and windows

Showbox apk for pc is actually not available but with a little tweak you can use it for pc and laptops too.

How to use ShowBox apk on windows 10.
What is that trick to use showbox on computer?
Well simple you need to install an android emulator of your choice well in my opinion I suggest you to install bluestalks or nox player.
Bluestalks is simple and easy to use.

You can also use arch welder.

Showbox app download for tablet.

Installation process of showbox apk is same as other android devices.

For android devices just follow the same procedure and go ahead it will be installed without any problem.

The only feature you get in tablet is wide screen option.

You can opt wide screen and change the highest resolution to 1080p


Best showbox movies list

Well the list of best showbox movies is long to discuss today, As you can find moives of all genres.
One of the best feature of showbox is you can also sort the movies by imbd ratings.

Well the preference of movies may change from person to person but the app have movies for all types.

You just have to install and enjoy it!

Is showbox apk not working

Well the app was not working a few weeks back because they were updating their servers but now it is working absolutely fine or I should say better than ever.
The app may not be working in certain regions due to update and maintenance.
Please use a VPN virtual private network to browse the app without such errors.

Showbox apk Update

Recently, launched the version 5.40 have almost zero bugs and lags. The servers performance has been increased which in turn have enhanced the overall user performance and faster streaming.

Showbox apk for iPhone

Today iPhone and iPad are the very famous in today’s world.
But the sad part about it is showbox isn’t available on iPhone officially but there is a way by which you can use the app on iPhone

Download ShowBox app for iOS
You can use another alternative to it which is movie box.
Movie box is so times also called child of showbox
It is the best version available on iPhone
You must give it a try once if you are a iPhone user.

Best show box apk alternatives

According to me there is no alternative to Show Box app but if you want an app with similar features which showbox have you should go for the following apps

1. Titanium tv
2. Tvtap
3. Popcorn time
4. Uktvnow
5. Movie box
They are so far the best showbox alternative but they don’t provide as great features as it provides.

Wrapping up

Hope you guys got answers of all your questions. If you still have any questions then you can comment down.

I will reply each and every comment.
Also if you liked our app then comment down that will motivate us. And do share it with your friends and family who love to watch movies and TV shows.
I Hope to see you soon.
Thanks! For reading.