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App NameShowBox
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DeveloperShow Box
RequirementsAndroid 4.4 & up
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Showbox apk is the only App you need to install to watch all your movies and tv shows for free. The Showbox is a well-known and trusted app that has been available since 2014; for some unknown reasons, it stopped working a few years ago, but in 2023 Showbox is back with a bang. You can download Showbox APK and install it from our official website.

Showbox APK Download

Showbox apk lets you watch all the movies available on the globe with the click of a button. All films and tv shows made under the sun are available on the Showbox. It includes all genres of movies and tv shows. On top of the most incredible feature, all the movies and tv shows can be streamed for free.

Most of us feel that watching a movie is fun, but it becomes painful as we have to go out to a theatre to watch it. Also, even if it is available on any streaming platform, there are many issues, such as we have to pay for the subscription. We cannot increase the playback speed, and some Streaming Platforms, even after paying subscription fees, have very annoying ads. To solve all these problems, one can use Showbox apk, which is entirely free and provides an excellent movie streaming experience.

With over 10M+ downloads, Showbox apk is second to none in the streaming services space. Mainly it targets the young population as they are mostly movie freaks. Gen Z has been already using the App while growing and thus are very familiar with the use of the App.

Not only will we provide you with the Showbox download link, but also we will provide you with the most descriptive Guide, which is the only Guide that you will need to get all the information about the App. The reason for writing this Guide is that most websites do not provide the App, and there is a lot of fake information and news about the App, but today, we will clear all the confusion and make everything clear with our 2600+ words Guide on Showbox.
Our today’s Guide includes

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Showbox Advantages & Features

Showbox apk has many features that cannot be discussed in a single post. But we will try to cover most of the essential points for you.

Child Mode

In the latest update of Showbox apk 2023, you can get a child Mode feature to turn it on for kids. As you all know, the Showbox app has all the movies and tv shows; thus, it also has movies and tv shows for kids. But as we all know, today, there is a lot of obscene content shown in all the films and web series; not only vulgar but many scenes in movies that might have violence which should be avoided for kids at all costs.

Thus to solve this problem, a new feature was added from which you can quickly turn on child Mode where no A-rated movies are shown. To turn on the child mode, go to settings and turn on the toggle for child mode.

Multiple Languages

With the 2023 May update, you can easily switch to your native language. Showbox has over 100+ languages support, which is unavailable in any other app alternative.
But most of our readers might wonder why foreign languages are so important. Today many people don’t speak English as their first language. Only countries like USA, UK, and Australia are a few countries where there are native English speakers. A Reddit user gave an excellent chart showing countries that speak English as their first language.

You can choose your desired language while you are first time using the App. By default, the language of the text is English, so you can change it by clicking on the three dots on the left side and then clicking on the setting button, and you can choose from a drop-down of 100 languages.

Multiple Resolutions

You can use Showbox on multiple devices, from phones to tablets to laptops or your TV. All screens have different resolutions; an average Android phone has a resolution of 720p, while laptops and tablets have a resolution of 1080p. TVs have a resolution of 4k, so a streaming app must support all the major resolutions.

The Show Box app provides the most natural resolutions ranging from 360p to 4k. You can choose your desired resolution while choosing the film directly.

Online And Offline Modes

Unlike most paid streaming apps, Showbox provides sn offline functionality to download and view content without the internet. Offline mode has a convenient use case whenever we are away from the wifi. You can use this mode to download and view your content whenever you want. It can always be used to avoid unnecessary ads from the App. You can always switch Between the offline and online modes by turning on your data connection or connecting to Wi-Fi and refreshing the App.

No Registration

The Showbox app has no registration process, unlike other apps like Hulu and Netflix, which a registration process showbox has no registration process and is free to use. It gives you another safety checkmark: none of your data is stored or used by the App. But to provide you with more personalized recommendations, it might ask you to know your age and gender, and country while using the App for the first time.

Enhanced Search feature

Showbox is a Library of movies compiled from various places. Thus it uses an enhanced script that searches the entire world wide Web for your query and provides relevant results.


Let’s accept that we all start to watch any movie or series after checking the ratings provided by various movie critic websites top websites are IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes.
The Showbox APK has ratings displayed directly on the tiles where names and thumbnails are mentioned. You can also customize which ratings you prefer.

Awesome User interface

The Showbox apk has a straightforward yet elegant interface. One might think that the Showbox app must be exceedingly complicated as it is a feature-rich app. One can note that the App is convenient to use, and most functions are just one click away. Even a 10-year-old kid can understand the full App within a few minutes. Most of the competition apps have a complex and also non-responsive UI.

Ads free

Well, saying that Showbox apk is entirely ad-free will be a false claim, but show box has minimal ads in the App. All these ads are almost negligible. But one might think that why does Showbox have ads?
Well, as we all know, Showbox has no subscription fees. And it also does not sell your data; thus, to survive the daily cost of handling so many user requests daily, it becomes vital for the App to place ads. All the ads are mostly banner ads below the fold, drastically reducing the click-through rate and providing an excellent user experience.

Subtitle support

Subtitles are essential for many foreign shows. Whenever we watch foreign shows and movies, subtitles are the only way we can understand them. The Showbox supports both online subtitles from Open Subtitles, and you can add your offline subtitles too. You can get subtitles of any show directly just by clicking on the CC icon on your movie player. From there, you can choose both online as well as offline subtitles.

Gigantic Streaming Library

Showbox Apk has the most extensive streaming Library, including most categories like action drama and regional anime crime suspense. You can also choose what to watch from your favorite category. Also, every category is updated daily. At any given time, you have plenty of genres to choose from for your boredom.

Forever free

Trust me; it is the most significant feature for which everyone loves to use the Showbox apk had it has more than 1M+ downloads. Well, you might be thinking, how is Showbox providing so much and is still free? Well, the answer to this is that Showbox works on donations, and as all the movies you watch on Showbox are not hosted on Showbox servers, they are just a video player integrated with a good Media search engine. Therefore, server costs reduce drastically. With that said, Showbox is free and will be free forever.

Instant Availability of all shows and movies

Whenever there is a new movie is released on any streaming platform, at the same time, it is also uploaded on the Showbox app. Also, whenever a new episode of your favorite tv show is aired on tv channels, they are uploaded in real-time on the Showbox app.

Automatic downloading of TV shows

Do you want to watch your favorite tv show whenever you are commuting home from your office and don’t have wifi connection to watch it? Well, Showbox got an excellent solution showbox can download all your favorite shows automatically once a new episode is released. You can quickly turn it on by clicking Automatically Download New Episodes fast and easily.

Option to create your personalized list

Recently, Showbox has added an AI feature to help you add the latest movies that resonate with your choices. You have to click the plus + icon in the top right corner, choose Personalized List (AI), and add a few movies. It will already later add movies and tv shows that you might like. It is best for someone having issues thinking about what you want to watch daily.

Showbox app review

I will provide a first-hand review after using the App for one month. I will give both pros and cons of the App. Show box apk is an excellent option for someone who wants to watch various content for free. The App offers a vast content library with a feature-packed app.
The App has a wide variety of movies and tv shows to offer. New content is added every day. With many features like a download option and no registration, the App has a lot of choices that can make your streaming experience even better.

In Showbox, I also choose my native language as it offers more than 100 languages. It increases the comfort level while using the App.


  1. Free to use
  2. Download and watch
  3. User-Friendly Interface
  4. HD streaming available


  1. Consumes a lot of data
  2. Sometimes ads are annoying
  3. Sometimes the App is down due to maintenance.
  4. Overall, Showbox is an excellent alternative to all paid streaming apps. It is a great app to stream all their favorite content online for free.

How to download and install ShowBox on Android?

Downloading and installing Showbox apk on your Android phone is easy for anyone. We have provided you with the exact steps you need to perform to download Showbox and install it on your Android smartphone. For tv and pc, the steps might vary a bit, but more or less, it is the same.

  1. Firstly click on the download button provided on the Show Box app. Once you click on the Showbox app, you will be directed to the next page, where all the versions are provided. Once you check the versions, you can choose your desired version an apk file will be downloaded on your phone.
  2. Then you have to open your file manager to locate the .apk. It is mainly in the downloads folder.
  3. Just click on tdo.showbox.apk a popup will be shown; click on trust anyway
  4. It will direct you to settings where you have to tick on unknown sources
  5. Now go back and complete the installation process.
  6. Once installation is complete, you can open the App to watch all your favorite movies and tv shows.

Also, a key point to note here is that you must always be cautious about downloading apps from unknown sites, so please download the Showbox apk from a trusted source only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Showbox Legal?

Well, this answer is tricky, but long story short, the Showbox app is legal and provides data available on the internet. In other words, the Showbox apk is an intelligent video search engine integrated with a good quality media player.

Is Showbox safe to use?

Yes, the Showbox apk is safe to use. None of your private data is taken from your phone. It has no background data usage without your permission. Also, the hallmark of safety for Showbox is the user base it has which is 25M users.

App showing 404 error

This error comes when a movie is not updated, or the movie is deleted from the source. In this case, you can either go to Showbox settings and provide feedback with the support page or watch the same on Showbox alternatives.

Do I need any subscription to use the App?

You don’t need to pay a single penny to use Showbox App. It’s free forever. If any app asks for money watching its content, you can switch to Showbox as the best and safest alternative.

How to use Showbox Apk to watch movies online?

Just open the App and search for the movie you want to watch. Then instantly click on your choice’s server and video quality to watch movies on the Show-box app.

I need Showbox.apk for iOS.

The Showbox apk is currently unavailable for the Android version, but you can still watch it on Android.

Can I use my subtitles with the movies?

Yes, you can use Subtitles for any movie by just clicking on the CC icon in the film. From there, you can choose the offline subtitles file and search for the open subtitles.

Cannot install Showbox apk

It may be because you cannot install the show box apk on your phone for multiple reasons. Here is a solution to the most common problems.

  • Check for installation from unknown sources are turned on
  • Rectify that you have downloaded the correct apk file.
  • Check out if your storage is whole.
  • For Android versions older than Android 6, Showbox apk is no anymore compatible.

Troubleshooting the Showbox app

The application does not run or crashes

The Showbox application had a problem crashing back a few months ago, but now with the latest update, it has been fixed already, and you can use it without any problem. If you encounter an issue with the Showbox app not working, then you can do these steps for troubleshooting.

  • Restart your phone.
  • If restarting your phone doesn’t work, uninstall the App, then clear the caches of your phone and reinstall it.

Movies not updating

If movies are not working, you should check if your wifi or data connection is working. Please be informed that the app requires a strong internet connection to download data from the internet. If the problem persists, reinstall the App.


Showbox apk is the best and has no alternative, but if we have to consider an app that is a strong contender, we can feel Pikashow. Here is a complete chart of comparison between Pikashow and Showbox apk.


It’s time to wrap up; we are writing the conclusion of the App; we hope we have provided you with enough information Showbox app. Again we would like to mention that it is the most updated and extensive Guide available about the Show-box app. Also, do share your thoughts about the App in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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