Showbox Apk 2020 – Latest Working Apk Downloand

Showbox Apk 2020 is one of the best apps to download and watch free movies & TV shows over the internet. Here you can get the latest updates.

The Showbox apk is one of the most searched apps for the latest movies and shows. But let me tell you that browsing content over the internet for free which are paid is illegal and can lead you to legal issues. This is one of the best apps in the entertainment niche.

You would be wondering what makes it so cool? Here are all the details about the Showbox apk 2020.

Showbox Apk 2020 features and details

Showbox for Android is the best app that searches for the free links of the latest movie over the internet. You can download them through it by just searching the name of the movie or tv show and go through any of the download links. It doesn’t host the movies on its own server but gives you the scraped links from the internet.

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What makes Showbox different from other movie streaming apps?

Showbox is a free to use application with a clean UI that is loved by all of us. You can easily search for a movie or TV show from it without any problem. You don’t have to wait to watch them.

Multiple Languages at one place

You can download any movie or TV show in any language by the app. Now, There is no need to download different apps for movies in different languages. Everything is served at one place on your fingertips.

There is a variety of languages you can surf for some of them are English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.,

There are many more features that catch the eyes of its large user base.

Multiple streaming resolutions

There is an option to stream the videos as per your convenience in any resolution which is available on the Showbox apk.

There are a wide range of resolution available including 1080p and 720p HD. Tell me one person who likes 360p over 1080p, nobody right? Mostly all videos are available in HD.

Showbox apk latest com.tdo.showbox

Sometimes, there is a shortage of our internet package. During these times you can download your favorite videos in a lower resolution so that it doesn’t affect your data limit. You can still enjoy it in lower resolutions.

Unlimited Downloads directly to device storage

I know that there are many apps that let you download your movies but they are saved in the app. Once you uninstall those apps, You will lose those videos too. Here, you won’t have such a problem. In the Showbox app, The videos are downloaded directly to your device storage. So, even if you uninstall the Showbox apk accidentally. You can still watch those movies for free.

Along with it, there is no capping on downloads. You can download as much as you want at high speed with no pause in your entertainment.

Multiple Free Subtitles

There are multiples subtitles you can download for your movie. Suppose you want to watch a movie in a different language than yours. Subtitles play an important role here. You can watch the movie or show by reading the subtitles to know what they are saying even if you don’t know the language.

Showbox apk offers multiple subtitles on it which are also absolutely free. So, you don’t have to go anywhere but use this action-packed software that can be used on your android/IOS/Windows device for free.

Clean User Interface (UI)

Showbox apk 2019 has a very clean and easy to use interface that can be used by users of any age group from 15 to 50 years of age. All the navigations are clearly given and easy to use.

The app is of 28Mb approx. which is a quite good size in comparison to other video streaming apps.

showbox apk

Showbox apk download & Install

To download the apk click on the below button and go to the download page then you will get the option of directly downloading the apk on that page. Isn’t it easy enough for everyone?

Download showbox apk

Once you have downloaded the Showbox apk from the above link, you have to install it on your smartphone. For installing it on your android device, follow the steps given below.

  • After downloading the apk, go to the settings page.
  • Click on the security option to allow unknown sources from it.
  • After allowing unknown sources, click on the downloaded apk and install it on your smartphone.
  • After installing the apk, Launch the app and allow the permissions of the internet & storage.

Showbox apk asks for your gender and age. You would be thinking, why does the app ask for gender & age. The application customizes the user interface according to the app.

Thus, Showbox needs these details to ensure the right delivery of a clean user interface to its users.

Showbox Apk 2019 Pros and Cons

Here is the list of the pros and cons of the latest apk present on the internet.


  • Minimal Apk size
  • Faster Internet connection
  • Weekly Updates
  • No subscription required
  • Download directly to Smartphone
  • Multiple resolutions for the users
  • Better User Interface


  • Connection Error
  • The app suddenly stopped error
  • Fewer movies available
  • Tv channels aren’t available in the latest Showbox apk 2020 version

Frequently asked questions

We are unable to serve every user in private, so we are answering some of the frequently asked questions by our users. It may help you. If you don’t get your answer in them then please comment below, you are always welcomed by us.

Is Showbox apk 2020 safe to use?

The latest apk is safe to use and we have checked everything in it. All the apk version uploaded here are checked thoroughly before uploading it. You can rely on us for the safety of your smartphone. The latest version doesn’t have any malware in it.

The files are checked on the leading virus-checking website i.e., virus total. You can check the results on your own. If you still get any mischevious thing then you can comment below.

Is Showbox Legal?

The question might arise in many minds about the legality of the apk. The app was down from last so many days due to some legal issues. Many websites were shut down which were promoting Showbox apk on their blog. It has created the question to arise in everyone’s mind.

First of all, let’s know the working model of the app. The app searches for movies over google and scrapes the download links from them and gives it to us in one place. The servers of the app don’t host any files which promote piracy. This sounds too good to be true, as an app that has many movies for free on it. Basically, It doesn’t host the files but they still promote piracy which is also illegal.

Showbox has the policy to disclose the details of the users if they are asked for it. It is the user’s sole decision to download the app or not. I hope you might be clear from now on about its legality.

Why it is unavailable on playstore?

The app promotes piracy which is against the google play policies and that’s the reason that it can’t be uploaded on the play store. You can find it on google by searching the app and download it from trusted sources. We don’t promote Showbox apk 2020 on this website. This website’s purpose is to let you know about the latest updates of the Showbox apk 2020 version.

The Showbox Download link is not hosted on our servers.

Showbox connection error solved!

Follow the steps given below to solve the Showbox connection error.

  • Turn on the airplane mode on your smartphone.
  • Now go to settings>app settings
  • Click on force stop and clear the data of the apk.
  • Now, Reopen it and turn off the airplane mode simultaneously.
  • Allow all permissions as it can also be the reason for the connection error.
  • Submit age and gender and you are ready to go.

These are the steps to solve the connection error in 2020. If you are still unable to run the app then please let us know.

Wrapping up

This is the guide to download and install the latest working Showbox apk 2020 on your android smartphone. If you are getting any errors then please read the FAQ section.

Hope you like the post if you have any doubts or questions comment below we will reply it as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.


Showbox Apk 2020 is one of the best apps to download and watch free movies & TV shows over the internet. Here you can get the latest updates.