Showbox Download Android v5.35 [Updated] With 4k support.

Showbox Download Android With 4k support.

Showbox Download Android is now the official application available on android and ios. The latest version of the app is also available on windows 10.
The latest update is now completely bugs free and now works more smoother than ever.
The new update was launched on 2 August 2019 worldwide.
Major update was made in regions of USA and United Kingdom.

showbox for Android

Update log

  • Fixed white screen error.
  • Improved force stop error.
  • Loading error fixed.
  • Updated User Interface.
  • Fixed showbox not responding error
  • Better resolutions option available.

The major update was made on servers which are more faster now.

Showbox for Android Download
Actually after relase Avenger end game the servers were overloaded by user traffic and people were experiencing lags and delays in downloading and stream their favourite TV shows and movies.

What is showbox Download Android ?

Showbox Android Download is the lastest version of show box which which gives the user best experience to watch all the best movies for free.
it is the best alternative to all paid streaming services like hulu Netflix, Amazon prime, hulu and a lot more.
Showbox works fine all android versions.
it was launched back in 2013 and till now growing with a active user base of 60 millions.

System requirements

Name Showbox
Size 38.9Mb
Update Date 12 August
Version 5.35
Download Link Download here
Users 10,000,000+
Android Required Android 4.0+


1. New show notification.

Now showbox For 2019 comes with notification feature which notify you in your android phone about your favourite TV show has aired a new episode
This feature helps me who is busy all day and have a lot of TV shows going on simultaneously.
the feature was firstly in beta feature but now it is stable and is available for all users.
It is a self enabling feature.
You can check if the feature is enabled or not in the setting section.
For this you can go to showbox app

  • Swipe left
  • Go to settings.
  • Find notifications.
  • Tick it on
  • Thats it you are done.
    Now you will get notified of all your favorite tv shows and movies.

2. Faster servers

Users of showbox have have increased dramatically in past few days. Due to servers overload users were experiencing a lot of lags and errors.
Now after adding more dedicated vps systems the showbox app are more stable then ever and now it can handle user base of double we are having now.

3. New UI

Showbox apk for Android latest version comes with New UI and new ux which is faster than light
It has zero frame drops and lags due to which it becomes the showbox is now the best app for Android for movies streaming.

4. Size

After the lastet version  Showbox app we have managed to keep the size of app as small as possible.
App is now only 40.00 mb in size and is the smallest size with all shows of hulu Netflix Amazon and all the favourite movies you want on click of a button.
The lastest version works on Android Ios and all other major platforms along with smart TVs and laptops for best user experience.

5. Remainders

Now you can set remainders for your favourite tv shows and movies when released.
Remainders helps you to watch all your shows at time without getting late.
How to set remainders in showbox?

  • Go to settings of the app.
  • find your favourite show or movie in the search panel.
  • Now click on your favourite show.
  • click on three dots to click on set new remainders.

Download Showbox For Android.

Showbox for Android

How to download showbox app on Android.

Downloading showbox app in 2019 may be difficult because many fake websites are there providing corrupted apk.
The official version of Showbox apk 2019 is only available on the official site.

Download Showbox for Android

Click on the Download button to Download Showbox apk
Go to settings go to security tick unknown sources this is because showbox is not available on  The Google play store and you need to Give permission to download showbox.
find the file in file manager
click on install.
done now wait while file is being installed
Showbox will launch automatically once it is installed.

Showbox app for PC and laptops on Windows 10.

Showbox app also runs on Windows 10 & windows 8.1.
Here is the process to install showbox app in your pc
Download the file from the link given above.
transfer the file to your laptop or pc.
click on insall and enjoy your favourite shows and movies on your pc.

showbox for Android smart TVs

Do you want to use Showbox apk on the big screen.
if like me your answer is yes.
you can easily install the app with the same process which is used for Android.
Ps- You can now watch all your favourite movies and TV shows in 1920p and also in 4kšŸ˜Š

Showbox for iPhone.

today many of my friends are using iphone which is working on ios but the saddest part is that till now they were not
Showbox app for Iphone is available without Jail Break.
Showbox on ios is also free just like for Android.
Just go to the above download link and you will find all sufficient information.

Showbox apk download for Ipads and tablets.

iPad is one the most used tablets in this world.

We all have ipads and sometimes when we want to watch our favourite movie on ipads showbox is the best option
using iPads have one more advantage that it has better resolution support, you can watch your favourite movies in all resolutions also in 4k video quality.

Hall brightness.

HALL Brightness is a special feature Available on iPads which helps to auto Adjust the volume and Brightness with genre and situation.
This is a great feature and makes the experience more better.

Alternative of showbox

Showbox For Android don’t have any alternative but we have compiled a list of apps which includes.


  • Netflix is the biggest streaming network on the world.
  • Firstly the use to sell DVDs of movies.
  • Then they started making producing movies and TV shows called Netflix
  • most of the famous shows are either aired on this network or is already available on this network.
  • Even I was NetFlix user firstly but it costs alot.

Amazon prime

  • Amazon prime is the best alternative to Netflix which is paid. it is cheaper than Netflix but still a paid alternative.
  • it costs 3$ a month for the most basic plan.
  • You can also go for a free one month trial of amazon prime.


  • FREE
  • It is also called as child of Showbox.
  • UI and feel is almost the same as Showbox.
  • It also works on both android and ios.
  • Youcan use it if Showbox goes down or if Showbox is not working.

Terrarium tv

  • It so far the best alternative of showbox.
  • Terrarium Tv has different UI and unlike moviesbox it not working on the same engine but is a grest alternative to it.
  • It also have features of showings latest news cast.
  • Sometimes it scrapes even better than the showbox itself.


This was our take on showbox For Android download link.
Hope you find it helpful.
Do share showbox with your friends.
If you want any change of you find any bugs do comment us we will surely Reply all of them.
Hope to see you soon here.

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